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Date: Feb 28, 2004 - 12:24 PM
dear all OGBs
munna and jyoti have been writing a lot of things on everyone. it seems they have selective memory. they were th most corrupt people in the class when it came to cadging up or cosying up. everyone knows there friendliness with monty and he often said he loved jyoti dont get jealous.
as for my writing a letter to megha it was munna who wrote it and chepta naak who gave it without much of my knowledge. but it was common knowledge that munna wrote his own heartfelt comments on it and even ran to the bathroom after writing it! come on munna own up man.
anyway guys send me your phone no and nepal or wherever u r code no and i will call u. my no is 00447952751961. or email me if u remember me

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